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#14996 My solution for reverse camera

Posted by Mercurio on 26 June 2013 - 08:47 PM

Greetings! I bought a brand M1 media center that came together with a reverse camera to be installed in one of the slots in the plate light. After installed, I did not like the aesthetic result because my car is white and black camera, besides being more attached to the side (like a Halloween pumpkin mouth with one tooth). Then disassembled the small camera, cut a little and painted white. Cut the tailgate trim cover on the plate and set the camera. I think the result was very good, almost can not see the camera on the plate and the image shown on the monitor is great. I attached some pictures. May serve as inspiration for friends. A hug to everyone.








View from below




Image on the monitor







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#14578 Loud explosion of air then steam from engine

Posted by diesel on 21 May 2013 - 05:19 PM

Korean cars are approaching the reliability of Japaneses cars, which according to some research, take the first 4-5 first places. This is due to the fact that Japanese cars are made in Japan and not under a license as is the case with Cruze. It may be that the US model has different parts fitted and specific parts failure is limited to the US only, because they fit sub standard parts. It is typical that a "world model" car is not same in each country due to different environment, market pricing and competition, owner expectations, different fuels, road conditions and so on. There are many European cars that have been "adjusted to Australian conditions" and quite frankly F..ed up. How is the new Australian made Cruze going to survive will be seen, at least the Korean made is good quality and apart from a couple of problems it has been a reliable car. 


I used to work for a Japanese appliance manufacturer and we released a new washing machine, made in Japan (long time ago). it was very successful model. after a year the production was moved to Asia and the problems started to roll in, valves, motors, and gearboxes failing. The Japanese model lasted for 20 years, the Asian made same model, lucky to get 3 years out of it. The reason was that they used cheaper locally made parts that were inferior to Japanese parts.


Statistics about car reliability in Australia:

There was a time when European cars were the most reliable cars money could buy, these days though, the Europeans might be the innovators and still leading the technology in cars, but when it comes to reliability, the Japanese have won the game hands down, even the Koreans are doing better than some of the European / American brands

source: http://www.caradvice...eliable-brands/


Another source states that Korean cars are most reliable: http://www.canstarbl...rs/reliability/


Most other statistical websites require sign up so I have left them out.

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#21052 What do the letters.."E, S, N, W" mean to the right of the odometer r...

Posted by Lagaffe on 24 October 2015 - 09:26 AM

W - Wrong direction

E - Extremely wrong direction

N - Not the right direction

S - Surely not the right direction



... or maybe is just what grs1961 said !



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#20547 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by iamapoeticgirl on 29 June 2015 - 11:11 AM

Hi- I am experiencing the exact same issue with my radio system. What everyone is describing with the black outs and the track control and stabilitrak service message flashing while driving is very intimidating, and it only just started on my drive home from school. I am afraid that it's going to cost so much because I have 75k miles on my car. I am also afraid that the dealer is going to give me the run around. If this issue is creating dangerous driving situations, I am going to become increasingly vocal. I don't want a problem with my car, I need a solution. I don't want my power steering to go out and I don't want my trac control system on the fritz. I will be keeping everyone up to date as to how my case gets remedied.

Thanks- iamapoeticgirl


So since I posted to this forum my problem has been resolved.  I brought the car to the dealership and it took approximately 6 to 7 hours to diagnosis.  By the time my car was looked at - about 24 hours after this post - the "outages" were occurring more frequently and lasting longer.  My power steering would go out while I was making turns or following curves along the road.  I was able to get video of my dash board freaking out [all of the lights would flash and blink] and my infotainment system blacking out.  I definitely should not have been driving with the car.


However, I feel lucky that my service team was so supportive and reliable.  They very much invested time to determine the issue I was having.  The solution was similar to what others had posted on this discussion topic - my negative battery cable (grounding cable) and bolt was replaced.  My customer service advisor told me that there was a bulletin [#14311B] from chevy about this issue.   He said that the symptoms of the car were precise to this communication.  So for anyone who is having this issue - Chevrolet is aware and it is covered under a special warranty to 120,000 miles.  


It has been a week since the repair.  I haven't had any issues since.  In fact, the response from my wifi to connect to my iPhone has improved.   I would advise that if anyone else is having this problem, bring it to your dealership immediately.  I am aware that I am blessed to have had an amazing customer service experience from my dealership, but don't fret.  This issue can be and will be remedied if you have it looked at immediately.  


The codes that were listed on my service statement:  B144B, B144B-4, B1517-5A, UO168, C0800.  

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#20146 Vibration at 80kph (50mph) and above?

Posted by Oxalainen on 10 March 2015 - 01:37 AM

Ok, I'll ask around, thanks!


BTW, an update to my own tire problem: drove the Cruze to the tire shop yesterday, the lady there (yes, indeed!) cleaned about a bucket full of dirt & sand from the rear wheels alone, then rebalanced them. They were only a bit off, maybe 15g tops, but the dirt had built up in almost 1cm thick chunks here and there in the rim, so that was most likely the issue here. I knew these fancy "GT" style alloy rims weren't ideal for winter tires, but these came with the car and I didn't want to spend extra 500€ on regular rims.


Good news also is, my Cruze offers as nice & smooth ride as it should! :)

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#19496 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by parran357 on 18 October 2014 - 12:35 PM

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thankful nothing major happened. Let's hope this issue can get corrected soon and we can stop worrying about this. 

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#18502 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by Lara Lenczowski Foster on 24 February 2014 - 05:23 PM

My car does the same thing. Took it to the dealer and they could not recreate. Twice in three weeks. Power steering went out and other lights lit on the dash. Theft deterrent system lights also going on. Hopefully it can be fixed as the car has 12k miles.
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#18392 Car GIANT CHEVY QUITS UK and Europe in 2015

Posted by pedro67 on 11 February 2014 - 05:48 PM

find it here in English:
Dear Readers ,
I write this open letter on behalf of the 3.400 members of the " Cruze Italia Forum " I have the honor to represent as the Administrator. I want  to report a fact very serious in our opinion: Chevrolet wants  to abandon the European market in 2015.
This news, in this period of crisis, merely  increases the discomfort of many people, both insiders -such as dealers , affiliates and assistance- and end users, those who have trusted this historic brand and will be left without their landmark from next year.
All dealers and service centers will be lost.
The GM group , and Chevrolet is a member of it, has  announced that they won’t leave us alone and Opel will give all the necessary assistance to Chevrolet drivers.
Now , as a result of this statement , I think we are all aware of how these matters are going to end up. The Opel service centers, although tasked  by GM, will respond to users who rely on them for the various problems that may arise, that they are not Chevrolet, they deal with Opel cars and so on... so the Chevrolet user will be totally dependent  and be forced to rely on not always highly qualified "external" hands.
"Cruze Italia Forum" users, together with users from other friend forums, both Italians and from other European countries, are not at all happy with this news. Therefore we want to convey to GM and the media our total disagreement with what is going to happen in Italy and in Europe.
Beside users, also Italian and French dealers are asking GM to change his mind .
There are thousands of Chevrolet users which are really angry, they do not know what to do, and the prices of their cars are coming down drastically as a result of GM decision, with further damage to the person who bought the car and trusted this brand.
Now, we ask the GM top management to reconsider their decision, since sales in Europe are more than flattering , not to mention the crisis our continent is facing.
Enough to say that one of the best Chevrolet cars, the Cruze, is ranked 6th of best-selling cars in the world.
In this same ranking, none of Opel cars is ranked among the first 40, but it should become our new brand in Europe, according to GM.
Therefore, confirmed by data available to all, the abandonment of Europe by Chevrolet has only a "political" reason, not a sale related one. GM basically decided for only one brand name in Europe, which is Opel , even if it stays behind Chevrolet in terms of sales.
Surely behind this decision there is the political weight of Germany who wants to lay down its own rules, as always.
All these words don’t really matter to the Chevrolet user.
The Chevrolet user totally disagree with the decision to get rid of such a brand and leave the stage to Opel .
Many photos like the one that opens this letter can be found throughout the net , all inspired by the words which are becoming the motto of all Chevrolet users in Europe:
" We will never buy an Opel , we want Chevrolet to stay in Europe with the complete Chevrolet fleet"
Thanks for the "space" that you gave me. 
I also hope that my initiative, I liked it.

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#18276 Cruze 1.8 Problems?

Posted by Lagaffe on 24 January 2014 - 12:46 PM

Guys i have problem with my new cruze 2013 the battery light flashing while drive the car ,, the car is new milage less than 50 km only

Please help



After all your 6 posts, all saying the same, I was able to establish a telepathic connection to your Cruze .. and wait ... it is telling me something ... wait ... yes ... it said: "take me to the Chevy dealer, and ask them to check what is wrong ... with only 50km, I might still be under the warranty"


Hope it helped !!

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#17567 LED Footwell, how to connect?

Posted by C77 on 28 October 2013 - 08:01 AM

It is possible to do it in  many ways,

all what u need  to do at the beging is to choose what do u exactlly  want to have?


Do you want that  Led Footwell start to shine when door are open or every time when outside lights are on? no matter manual or auto mode

Do you want to work them as a group of all 4 led footwell together, or just only one on side where each door is currently opened?


For example u can use my way if you want that footwell will start light at the night and when the door are open

cause i installed myself LED Cup Holder for Cruze and i connected it right to the ESC/TC botton.





This gave me possiblility to light it on when doors are open, when the dark will come (auto mode), when i put night lights (ambient on) manually,

and also i can dimm it if i want together with whole led ambient in car and DIC by a corrector next to light switcher.

I think u can do the right same thing with your footwell




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#17291 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by Bryce Kintigh on 10 September 2013 - 09:52 AM

Recently while driving my 2013 Cruze Eco (just hit 8K miles on it this morning)  the radio and infotainment area goes completely black.  At first I thought it was related to my phone being attached via Bluetooth, but it now does it regardless.  I first noticed it while on a conference call.  Driving down the highway, the screen goes black, disconnects the Bluetooth connection and eventually comes back on after 45 seconds or so.  Now it does it while just listening to the radio.  All audio ceases and the screen goes completely black.  It also doesn't respond to any buttons while the screen is black. 


I also noticed that my blinker is silent while the screen is black, so obviously the blinker noise comes through the speakers. 


Anyone else had this issue?  Using the radio and Bluetooth is very important to me, so it is extremely frustrating when it doesn't work properly.  The radio has died on me every day for the past 3 weeks.  I thought maybe it was heat related, but it does it when it's 103 degrees and when it's 78. 

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  • 2013-09-10 09.43.25.jpg

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#1689 My Cruze with !9' wheels & body kit

Posted by Ravage05 on 03 July 2010 - 05:55 AM

A few pictures of my beast..
Chilli Red Diesel CDX HDT enhanced

Attached Thumbnails

  • Ravage 3-07-2010 003.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 004.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 008.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 016.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 025.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 005.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 021.JPG
  • Ravage 3-07-2010 007.JPG

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#14743 Please help me!!!!! :(

Posted by grs1961 on 04 June 2013 - 07:17 AM

Keishamarie, calm down.  Lagaffe's first language is not English, what he said, while perhaps direct, is nowhere near the level of your response.


And be aware that your abusive and threatening post was made on a site owned and operated in the USA, by an apparent US citizen, which means you have broken the law and that "hormonal (borderline crazy) pregnant woman" is not a defense available to you under that law.


Say "Hi" to the nice young women and men from the FBI who may be interviewing your neighbours, co-workers, and friends, real soon now! :)

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#14663 mileage, what mileage?

Posted by Lagaffe on 28 May 2013 - 08:57 AM

Oh, I've read where one idiot seemed to think that starting off in 2nd using a manual transmission would be "better"[1] - is yours a manual or automatic, and how/when are you shifting?


Here's another story I've heard, first hand, to add to your "collection" - Some idiot picked up his 1st car, brand new, at the dealer, and decided to drive it in 1st gear to the nearest petrol station ... because the car was low on fuel !!!

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#14476 Would you buy another Cruze?

Posted by ChevyCruzeBE on 15 May 2013 - 01:26 PM

 To drive a cruze the driver has to take few tranquilizer tablets to slow down to the level of cruze computer.


My brain works at the same speed , no problem for me ... :P .

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#20825 2017 Chevy Cruze Redesign NEW

Posted by C77 on 05 September 2015 - 09:16 AM


What "European market" is that, I wonder ? ... since GM will pull the plug on the European market, by the end of this year ??



Ahh ... fantastic ! My 2012 already came fitted with that 2.0 diesel engine with 163ps (120kw) and 360Nm ...

Yes even MY2011 made in 2010 had already 2.0 diesel 163ps/360 Nm


European means probably Belarusian (not sure about ukrainian market included or not) - they want to produce Chevy's and Opel in Belarusia and reimport them to Russia

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#20765 Fuel Filter Location?

Posted by grs1961 on 25 August 2015 - 08:01 AM

It's built in to the fuel pump, IIRC.

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#20658 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by Becqster on 30 July 2015 - 02:25 PM



Well my MyLink infotainment center went black 3 weeks ago and after reading how many people encounter this problem, I think Chevy should issue a recall for it. I bought my 2013 Cruze new 2 years ago. Unfortunately I'm at 50K miles (w/o extended warranty or protection package) so I am up the creek without a paddle or a rear-view camera. I would really like to know what Chevy has to say about this prevalent problem. As I told the service department at my dealership, Chevy promotes and advertise the MyLink infotainment center so much, I don't understand why after only 2 years it goes completely black with no warning. Has anyone had success with a non-Chevy affiliated mechanic/electrician to fix this problem?



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#20529 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by gpencook on 23 June 2015 - 12:06 PM

Ok so I got my problem resolved. . They put a new battery ground wire on down to the frame of the car.. and new bolts.. been driving for awhile now problem solved.
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#20315 Infotainment screen goes black/all audio stops while driving

Posted by ohitsbecca on 07 April 2015 - 03:53 PM

I don't mess with my phone while I'm driving so taking pictures wasn't an option for me..

And Mick, I traded it in for a 2015 Mazda 3. I'm more than happy with that decision, I can't begin to explain how good it feels to get in my vehicle and not be worried if another issue will pop up, or if the power steering will just stop working (again). Other than not worrying with the problems, I REALLY like this car better. I didn't think I would, I was cruze-crazy to the point that I cried handing over my keys. I loved that car but knowing that my husband is leaving for another deployment, I knew I couldn't keep it not having him nearby if something happened and all of our family is across the country. It's a much more smooth ride, online websites comparing the two say that the Cruze has more interior room but I strongly disagree and so does everyone else who has been in my car. I could rave about it for days, seriously.
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